Is adult teen angst just called self-indulgence?

I am ancient; there is dust in my veins
Crumbled houses, charred steeples
I am the place where things go to die.

My skin is mercury and ash
Within me, nothing survives
Abandon ship.

I am living death; there is stink
And decay where love should live
Tears have rotted my flesh.

Once there was life here; belief in a future
Slack curtains and cracked plaster remain
New growth cannot find the sun.

Do not come near; stay far from me
I offer nothing but sorrow
My still heart recalls no echo.

I bleed so much for an empty vessel
The volume is shocking but the heat
Cannot be felt through my skin.

There is a hollow place
Deep in the woods
One day you will dream this place
And there you will know my heart.



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